The Sammy Story

There’s just something special about Sammy’s Avenue Eatery. Maybe it’s the smiles. Maybe it’s the calm, sense of community amongst neighbors. Maybe it’s the fresh, feels-like-home sandwiches crafted to delicious perfection. Whatever it is, it’s exactly what Sammy McDowell set out to create after 23 years in the food/hospitality business. With his personal savings and inspiration from his grandmother, Sammy opened his first shop and hasn’t looked back, adding a second location in Northeast Minneapolis, a food truck and a soon-to-open food hall.

“I wanted to represent people who look like me and begin to make a template for us to follow in the future,” says Sammy. “I love getting to know everyone and love serving great fresh products, bringing a more healthy awareness to North in the process! I love getting young people involved and on track to become entrepreneurs themselves one day.”